Conflict Resolution Services Offered

Boyd Lyons offers the following services to people experiencing conflict in their lives.

Mediation of Divorce Issues

Comprehensive marital settlement agreements suitable for filing in an uncontested divorce proceeding

Temporary separation agreements

Post-divorce dispute resolution

Parenting issues and preparation of a Parenting Plans

Child support re-calculations and preparation of a  Georgia Child Support Worksheet

Modification of agreements decrees

Plans to cure previous violations of divorce decrees


 Mediation of Legal Separation

Comprehensive agreements for legal separation

Parenting plans and child support agreements for unmarried parents

Division of assets and liabilities agreements for unmarried persons

Asset division and spousal support

Parenting time and child support

Mediation of Other Family Matters

Comprehensive agreements regarding care of elderly or disabled family member

Agreements for settlement of estate and inheritance issues

Contracts and agreements between parents and teenage children

Agreements to resolve conflict between a family and non-family members


 Mediation of Business and Other Issues

Resolution of disputes between employees and employers

Agreements to resolve disagreements among co-owners of businesses

Customer dispute resolution

Debt collection and repayment plans

Community and neighborhood issues


Sometimes one party to a disagreement is not willing to participate in mediation.  In such cases litigation may still not be necessary.  A coach can represent one party in a confidential capacity as a sounding board and an advisor concerning the management of negotiations.  Since Boyd Lyons is a licensed attorney with a great deal of experience, he can also offer legal advice to one party.  If litigation becomes necessary or is initiated by the composing party, Boyd can recommend competent trial counsel and work with him or her to continue efforts to resolve the dispute.